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Tips On Financial Planning While In College

edu. loans while in collegeNo one wants to really think about financial planning while in college but it is something that has to be considered anyway. You need to be certain that you are going to move far when it comes to getting more out of your money over time. Here are a few things to consider when getting your finances planned while you are in college.

Consider Making a Regular Deposit

You may want to reserve a certain amount of money each month for a savings account or another type of fund that will grow in size based on interest payments. If you deposit more money over time then you will end up getting more interest over time as the principal will keep on adding up within time. This is a great long-term planning solution as you will get more interest back if you save early on while in college versus saving later on in your life.

Prepare a Good Budget

You have to create a sensible budget for when you’re going to get your college plans managed. A budget needs to be prepared with plenty of logical points relating to such things as what types of debts you owe, what utilities you have to pay off and what you need to get in your daily life.

If you really want something but it is not necessary then you will have to consider sticking with keeping them off the budget. That is, you should not try to spend money on stuff you don’t need if you have a little bit of money to work with.

Check With IRA Providers

It is never too early to consider getting an IRA. You can always contact a financial services provider to see if you can get an IRA prepared in your name. This will allow you to invest your money in mutual funds and other items that can increase in value over time. This can provide you with plenty of money for the future plus some potential tax benefits. Be aware though that mutual funds and other investments can be at risk of losing money over time so talk with an expert to see what may work right for your demands as they come about.

Watch For Your Loans

You may want to take a careful look at the loans you have. You may want to use interest-only payments on your student loans so you can keep from bearing with even higher interest charges over time, thus potentially reducing the total amount of money you’d spend on your student loans. Also, finding easy scholarships to apply for will decrease the amount of loans you need to take out.

Also, you must organize any loans for a home, car or other item with care and set aside a certain amount of money each month for payments on your loans. Make sure you keep your loans as a top priority to ensure that it will not be all that hard for you to get your payments managed with care.

Financial planning is a critical point for you to think about when it comes to your life. Make sure that you understand what you need to do in order to prepare for your financial future while in college so you will be perfectly prepared for whatever might come about over time.

How To Be Frugal Without Being Cheap

couponNobody likes to spend more money than they need to on things, and saving money where you can is always a wise move. However, there is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. When you are frugal, you watch your pennies and make wise, thoughtful financial decisions. When you are cheap, you skimp in order to save money, but you may sacrifice quality or even your reputation for the sake of saving money. Frugal people recognize the value in an item and may find a way to save money on it, such as by using coupons or promo codes to buy smartphones or other items. Here are some tips to help you avoid being cheap while still saving money on your purchases.

Plan and Save

Frugal people are those who make thoughtful, informed buying decisions. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary that you think ahead and plan for your purchase. You want to research the different product options well ahead of time and avoid buying impulsively. More than that, you want to save money to make large purchases. When planning for purchases, keep an eye on your budget. Always pay attention to how a purchase will affect your budget and your bottom line. If you are comfortable with the affect that a purchase will have, have saved money for it and have comparison shopped to find the best deal, you can make your purchase with confidence.

Consider Older Models

For many types of products, new models are introduced on a regular basis that have more bells and whistles than predecessors. The older models may have slightly less functionality, but they may be entirely functional for your needs. More than that, once new models are available, the older models are often available at a discounted price. A great example of this is cell phones. New models seem to come out on a yearly basis, if not more often. The new models may have slight benefits, such as a slightly longer battery life or better image quality in the on-board camera. However, in many cases, the older model may be $100 or more less than the new model. Which one is really the better deal? If you decide that you must have the latest model, consider waiting a few weeks to buy a gently used model when someone else who snatched it up initially has become disenchanted with it.

Watch and Wait

Even after you have planned for your purchase, saved money for the purchase and comparison shopped between older and newer models, take one additional step. Almost everything will go on sale at some point. In some cases, discounts are available via holiday sales or end of season sales. In other cases, you can find coupons and promo codes that can help you to save money on your purchase. There is rarely ever a reason to pay full price for an item, and you can save a lot of money over the course of time when you adopt the philosophy of never paying full price for anything.

Learning how to be a smart, frugal shopper can help you to save a considerable amount of money. By following these tips, you can save money on purchases without developing a reputation for being cheap.

5 Tips To Save Money On Home Energy Costs

Home energy costsBeing energy efficient is not only an environmentally conscious decision, it’s an economical one as well. With the cost of living continually on the rise and energy costs projected to increase throughout the years to come, watching home energy consumption is quickly becoming a high priority. If you are looking for ways to cut down on your next bill, check out these 5 top tips to save money on home energy costs.

Helpful Habits

The first step to making a significant saving on your energy bill is to change the way you use power in your home. Make it a strict household policy to turn off any lights that aren’t needed, switch off appliances after use and to check all power points are off before leaving the house. With a bit of planning, you can make a difference to your energy costs simply by being more conscientious.

Solar Savings

When it comes to cutting home energy costs, solar power is undoubtedly one of the best long term investments you can make. Thanks to recent Government rebates, many homes are now equipped with the latest in solar technology, and the results are impressive. Harnessing the natural energy of the sun slices your power bill while making a significant positive environmental change.

Energy Efficient Fittings

There are a range of small changes you can make to your home to ensure the best energy efficiency. Try equipping all of your light fittings with specially designed energy saving bulbs for brighter illumination and over half the usage of traditional bulbs. Another great way to cut energy costs is to install timer plugs which only switch on when you need them to. Simply program the set times into the switch, and it will only use energy during these specific times.

Smart Appliances

When it comes time to replace your old appliances, make sure you look for new models which display high energy efficiency ratings. Everything from your washing machine and dryer to fridge and dishwasher can all make a significant difference when they are designed to use energy sparingly and effectively. You’d be surprised just how much of a saving smart appliances can make to your long term energy costs.

Getting Out of Trouble

Sometimes despite all of your best efforts, you might find yourself hit with an exorbitant energy bill that is just too much to pay. Your first step should be to consult your energy provider to try and work through a payment plan that will allow you to make regular repayments until the amount is paid in full. However if this approach is not successful, or if you have already fallen behind in your payments, it’s time to enlist professional help.

Fox Symes debt solutions are one of the leading providers of advice and support to Australians that are struggling with debt. They will not only help you to get back on track, but they can also negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. Don’t let the stress of an unpaid energy bill turn into a seriously damaging debt problem.

With these top tips, you can be well on your way to cutting your energy costs and living a more economical and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Sharon has recently been looking for ways to get her finances under control by saving energy around the home. She also enlisted the help of Fox Symes debt solutions in order to get on top of her finances and recommends that other people looking to save money to do the same. 

Could Cash-back Websites Help You Save Money?

cash back iconWhen retailers want to increase online sales, they will sometimes pay a commission to other websites which direct potential customers to their cyber store through a link. However, you can take advantage of this reward by using cashback websites.

Rather than keeping all of the profit, these sites give some of the proceeds to you, meaning you can save huge sums on digital purchases. Therefore, you should check whether you can click through to a company on a cashback site before going direct.

How can you save money?

Normally, you will receive a certain commission on each transaction you make. For example, you can currently receive 3.03 per cent cashback from the Debenhams website by using the link provided on

However, you will sometimes be able to take advantage of lump sums. These are often provided if you sign up to a subscription service. npower is currently offering up to £100 cashback to new customers who sign up through

Receive cashback on the essentials

You can get money back every time you spend on essentials, such as groceries, by becoming a member of a cashback website. Most supermarkets offer £5 to £10 to customers who order their first online shop.

However, you can also take advantage of cheaper groceries by going to your local store. Quidco’s ClickSnap has a range of different offers, such as 40 pence cashback on eggs, which you can claim by sending in a picture of your receipt.

Save money on financial products

If you’re on a debt management plan, it’s likely that you are looking to apply for a new bank account or switch your home insurance provider. Cashback websites can support these types of money-saving exploits further by allowing you to claim commission when you sign up.

However, make sure that the financial product is right for you before applying, and always calculate the overall cost so you can compare properly. Sometimes, it might work out cheaper to go with a company that offers a smaller cashback reward.

Get your hands on gadgets for less

Cashback websites often have fantastic deals on the latest gadgets, meaning that you can treat yourself or buy gifts for others for less. Since these items tend to be expensive, even a small commission can amount to big savings.

Special deals are often available on new mobile phone contracts – Tesco is currently offering up to £50.50 back on the Apple iPhone 5 through Topcashback. However, you can receive rewards on almost any item or service, from photograph prints to flat-screen televisions.

Enjoying days out on a budget

Research from Family Action shows that 44 per cent of British parents cannot afford to throw their child a birthday party. However, a larger proportion might be able to celebrate the special occasion without breaking the bank by taking advantage of cashback websites.

As a mum or dad, it might fill you with dread when your little one asks to go to the theme park or the cinema for their birthday, but just a few clicks on your computer could mean that the dent in your bank balance is less noticeable.

Families who visited attractions during the recent Easter holidays saved £35,000 on tickets through Quidco, so no matter what the event, accessing these websites before planning a day out can be extremely beneficial.

No purchase offers

You could profit from your cashback exploits, as long as you’re careful to read all of the associated terms and conditions. Getting cashback doesn’t always mean an initial outlay – sometimes making money is as simple as clicking a link.

On Topcashback, you can earn £1.51 for a car insurance quote application, secure 70 pence for filling in a survey, or receive £15.15 for signing up for a free LOVEFiLM trial. Look under the ‘Free Cashback’ section of the website for more deals.

If you download the Quidco mobile phone application, you can earn a few pence just for ‘checking in’ at nearby retailers using the GPS system. This money can soon stack up if you’re strolling down the high street.

Are cashback websites right for you?

Cashback websites are normally free to use, and they offer you discounts or commission on everything from loaves of bread and electricity bills to airline tickets and car tyres. It could therefore help you to save money in a wide range of areas.

However, you should always be cautious. You should still shop around, since you might not always get the biggest savings from a cashback site, and decide which deal is the best for you by calculating overall costs of a product or service.

Stef has worked through a debt solution plan with the help of Debt Free Direct, she now writes articles on money saving tips and advice to help people avoid getting into debt; or save money to pay off their existing debt.

5 Amazing Tips To Help You Cut Your Expenses

jonnynomoneyDuring an economic recession, everyone realizes the importance of cutting back on expenses. However, many people think that cutting expenses is a lot easier said than done. Cutting back your expenses is never easy, but it is not an impossible task either. Here are 5 amazingly helpful and practical tips on how to reduce personal expenses.

Carpool to work

What is the one thing whose price just keeps going further up and will continue to do so beyond the foreseeable future? That would be gas prices. Simply by cutting down on how much gas you pump in your car you can end up saving a huge chuck of your monthly expense. The best way to do so is to start carpooling. In tough economic times, there will be others in your workplace looking to carpool and save gas money.

Don’t eat out as much

It is amazing how much money we end up spending while eating out. It may not seem like much, especially at the fast food joints. But it all adds up at the end of the month. Try to cut back on dining out. Packing a lunch for office everyday can save a lot of money in itself. Cook more frequently and stop depending on the take-out menus. Besides saving money, knowing how to cook is an essential skill that everyone must know. Save the dining out for special occasions only.

Create a budget and stick to it

We have all tried to do a bit of financial planning in our heads when stuck in traffic. However, once the vehicle starts moving, all our bright financial plans get blow out the window. Sit down and make a proper budget for your household expenses. List all you monthly and annual expenses, including financial obligations. Create a budget so that you can meet the essential expenses without having to stretch your budget. Of course, there is no point creating a budget if you don’t stick to it. Use cash for all your expenses instead of using credit cards; it’ll help you stay on budget.

Reduce household energy consumption

One of the biggest expenses for everyone is the monthly energy bills. Reducing the amount of energy used in a household can have a massive effect on how much the homeowner can save. Ideally, you would want you entire house to be powered by solar or wind energy, but that is not a financially feasible option for most of us. Simple practical solutions, such as using energy-efficient light bulbs and ensuring the house is properly insulated, can help you save bundles of cash every month.

Get your insurance premiums lowered

Along with energy bills, another major monthly expense is the premiums for car, home, and medical insurance. You jolly well cannot stop making monthly payments and let your insurance lapse. What you can do, is shop around for insurance quotes. When your coverage period comes to an end, look for insurance quotes that offer you the same level of coverage, but for lower premiums. There are websites that allow you to compare and shop for home and auto insurance online, so being lazy is not an excuse.

The 5 helpful tips mentioned here are very practical, even in times of recession, and nobody should have any trouble following them.

This post is contributed by Andrew Hopes. He helps provide useful financial tips and strategies and has found great use of payday loans for a quick relief from all the financial problems.