Career Advice: How to Improve Your Leadership Skills for Job or Business

Business career optionsBusiness analysts are leaders. They guide their teams towards the accomplishment of specific goals by using both technical and soft skills. And as leaders, they should not only relate to their teams, but must also help their team members to relate with one another. Besides, they should not simply organize and direct their teams, but must also be able to inspire and influence, connect and communicate. Here are ways of improving leadership skills.

For business analysts to lead groups of people successfully, they must first establish mutual sense of understanding and trust between themselves and the people they are leading. Therefore, as a business analyst, your first aspect of leadership development should be improving your ability to build real personal connection with people so they can trust you to help them build a culture of exceptional performance, accountability and integrity. Essential traits that will help you to connect with people include positivity, compassion, empathy, love and humility. Apart from building robust connections with people, you also need to communicate effectively so they understand your directions correctly and in a way that makes sense to them.

A business analyst profession is never always smooth sailing. Each day, you will have to deal with negatives and occasional obstacles. However, the way you handle those difficult circumstances and setbacks will speak volumes about your leadership. It is advisable to consider the positives in any difficult circumstances in order to avoid feeling so strongly about the issues. This way, you will be able to think clearly about the problems and solve them without having your emotions fog your logic.

Coaching is a structured learning that occurs over a period of time in which the coach trains you in leadership skills or set of tasks. Coaching has clear measurable goals and can help every business analyst to improve his/her leadership skills in an isolated one-off training (coaching) session. Leadership coaching is also an easier way of identifying your weaknesses and areas that need improvement as the training programs will allow you to make the right connections and apply your skills in real-life settings. You can opt for coaching sessions to improve your critical thinking skills, boost your confidence and improve your communication skills.

Mentoring refers to one-on-one relationships in which skills, knowledge and perspectives are shared. The training method improves both the skills of the mentor and the pupil, and unlike coaching, mentoring is an ongoing process. Mentoring programs allow budding business analysts to learn from the masters. During the training process, the analysts solicit advice from their seniors on steps of improving their leadership skills, have informal chats, ask for assistance in completing various projects, and build their skills under the watch of more experienced leaders.

Workshops, leadership books and group training sessions are also useful and cost-effective ways of improving leadership skills. During workshops and training, business analysts can engage in leadership tasks while accessing courses on personal and workplace effectiveness. The training sessions can also help them to learn the tricks of motivating others, demonstrating passion, maintaining exemplary standards of integrity and performance, and treating others with dignity and respect.

Feedback from fellow professionals, mentors and team members are invaluable in helping business analysts to know how effective they are as leaders. The analysts may also conduct honest self-assessments or talk to their friends and peers for critical perspectives on their leadership styles and approaches. Similarly, those in the business analyst profession can improve their leadership skills by networking with influential business leaders and emulating the leadership styles of successful business analysts. More information about this career is available at

Properties would be focussed in one of the Biggest Real Estate Exhibitions

Real estate property plansReal estate is quite an important part of our journey as civilised human beings. The reason herein is that shelter is quite a basic human need and it has been the same for centuries. Nowadays we have huge properties which are bought not only for staying purposes but also as part of investment. Property returns are very high and people can earn a lot of money by just buying a flat in a developing area. The money doubles and even multiplies up to many times if you invest it correctly. Yes, there had come a time in the United States when real estate decelerated and the worth went down in leaps. However, India is far from that phase.

To understand the importance of real estate you need to study the number of real estate projects popping up daily. This shows that there is ample demand in the market for developers to build so many projects. For a proper idea, go to the property expo in Mumbai. You would be amazed to see the number of builders who have formed their stalls here to give you property advice.

The MCHI in Mumbai

There is an exhibition of real estate going on in Mumbai which is better known as MCHI and is CREDAI accredited. This MCHI-CREDAI Mumbai is quite a big deal in itself as this is a silver jubilee celebration and is an amalgamation of the best minds in real estate construction. All the properties which are out for sale would be vying for a top spot in this real estate expo. It is a two way benefit for both buyers as well as those selling. There is a good opportunity for sale and the amount of sale that happens in this kind of a platform is usually more than the usual for some stalwarts.

The buyers gain in a way that they have many more people to talk to and resolve doubts that they might have had. They could also have access to banking professionals in this real estate expo and they could seek guidance for loan options. Since the expo is CREDAI certified, it makes no sense to doubt any of the participating builders for they are only the best.

In conclusion

Go and visit this property exhibition as it is one of a kind. You will surely be amazed to see the various kinds of projects here and might get more options than what you had previously. Talking to others in the same situation might help you learn more and save yourself from committing mistakes. Mumbai has undoubtedly wooed us with this gesture and we would recommend the rest of the country to follow in the same steps.