The Basics of Debt Management Plans

debt stress reliefDebt management plans are usually offered as a part of a debt consolidation solution to your various debt problems. According to it is a great way for you to seize control of your own finances and eliminate any unsecured debts you may have at the same time. Remember that unsecured debts are those that aren’t covered by a collateral asset such as a house or car. Typical unsecured debts include credit cards and student loan payments.

How it Works for You

When you sign up for a debt management plan, you are required to make a deposit every month to the company you signed up with. This deposit is used by the advisors at the company to pay off each of your multiple debts in a schedule that has been negotiated and agreed upon with the people you owe money to.

This monthly deposit you make is one that is determined by how much you can afford to pay each month while living frugally. You are informed of the amount you will pay before actually signing any agreements. You can have the monthly payment amount suggested to you by letting the debt management company analyze your income and expenses.

The Benefits of Using Debt Management Plans

These plans are made for a single reason – to keep your organized. This is the main advantage of such a program. It doesn’t reduce how much you owe, of course, but makes it far easier to pay off the debts because you make them on time. You can also finally make a budget for yourself that has a set goal and is realistic, without overdoing your spending on debt payments. These regular payments you make to pay off your debts also serve to improve the look of your credit score as time goes by, meaning that your creditors will no longer need to call you every two days to remind you about your outstanding payments.

Choose the Right Counseling Company

There are many credit counseling companies out there that are willing to help you manage your debt with a debt management plan. Most of these claim to be non-profit, while others will charge you for their services. You should always try to find a company that has trained, qualified and certified counselors working for them. Agencies like the Consumer Protection Agency, the Better Business Bureau, and the local DA office can help you identify companies that have a good reputation without any complaints or a history of bad service.

Points to Consider When Signing Up

It can take over three years to pay off all your debt using a management plan. While paying off your debt, you will have to live more modestly than you are used to. You also won’t be able to take out loans or apply for new credit cards while you are enrolled in the plan. If your payments on the plan are late, your costs may rise over time, and you will be at risk of having to stay in it for longer. With all these in mind make the right decision for yourself and your bank account!

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