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3 Things You Must Do Before Moving To London

moving to londonLondon is one of the most sought after places to live on the planet. People from all corners of the world would love the chance to live in this energetic and vibrant city. Whether you’re moving closer to your family or for your job, living in London is unlike anywhere in the world. You have incredible shopping destinations, endless culture and fabulous entertainment right on your doorstep. But due to it’s popularity, buying a home in London can be challenging. From high house prices to finding a suitable area, there is plenty of things you must consider. To make the process easier, there are three things you must do first.

Do your homework

London is an enormous city that is full of different boroughs all of which have their own unique qualities. Use accommodation search engines, talk to friends and search on Google to establish which boroughs might appeal to you. Do plenty of research into each one including property types, transport links and local entertainment. The house prices will also vary from borough to borough and how close you want to live to the city centre. So find out what the average prices are as this will help you budget and plan ahead. If you have a family, you should also research what schools, parks and attractions are in each borough too. This should help you choose some viable places to start your search.

Visit the city

It’s not alway wise to move somewhere you have never been before. So if you have never visited London before, you should always take the time to do so before moving here. You may find that city life is not for you after all or that the areas you can afford to buy in aren’t what you thought they would be like. If you have visited before, you should still visit again but from the perspective of a buyer not a tourist. You can spend your visit contacting Canary Wharf estate agents or viewing potential properties. Try to fit in as many viewings as you can to see what options are available. You can also use this time to explore the borough’s you researched previously. Doing this will help you determine whether moving here is right at this moment in time.

Look for work

With people from the UK and beyond looking for employment in London you face stiff competition. The sooner you start your search for work the better. If you work for a large company, you may be able to relocate to their London office. Or you might want to look for something completely different to what you are doing now. Sign up to recruitment sites or contact an agency to help you find a suitable role. Securing work should be a top priority as it will help to fund your new home and life.

Whatever your reason for wanting to move to London, these tips will help make the transition go a lot smoother. Take the time to do each action and carefully consider each decision you make. Acting on impulse may sound exciting, but it could have expensive repercussions.

Simple Ways To Boost Your Home Business Security

business security mattersWorking from home is something many of us wish we could do. It gives you control and freedom over your schedule and workload. As well as increasing the time you spend with your family by removing long commutes to and from work. But many people overlook their security and how it can effect their new business venture. Regardless of what type of business you are running, not having a secure home office can be dangerous. A burglar can easily gain access not only to your business equipment but to the rest of your home too. So to reduce the risk of this happening, use these simple ways to start boosting your security.

Install computer security

Burglars are not the only threat to your home business. Hackers, identity thieves and cyber criminals could also target your business. The tablet, laptop or computer you use for your business most likely has plenty of vital information on it that assists you in your daily task. These can include customer details and bank records. If hackers got hold of this information, they could quickly steal from you and ruin your business. So it’s essential that you install computer security such as anti-virus, firewalls, and anti-spam. Passwords are also something you should regularly be using. Keep this software regularly up to date to ensure your business records and files are protected.

Check your office windows and doors

Whether your office is upstairs or downstairs, checking the windows and doors is an integral first step. Firstly, you need to check the locks are fully operable. If they aren’t, you need to have them replaced or repaired by a professional. Deadbolt locks are a popular choice as they are difficult to break into. Check the frames both inside and out to make sure they cannot be pulled off or tampered with. These too will need to be repaired or replaced if not up to scratch. You can also add security screen doors and windows to your home office. These will act as a deterrent to thieves while also allowing plenty of sunlight to enter the space.

Keep your keys and codes hidden

If you leave keys in a door or have your safe code on display, thieves will be more tempted to break in. As horrible as it is to believe, even people you know and invite into your home can take advantage of this. So always keep all keys to your home and home office out of view and preferably locked away somewhere safe. Choose codes that have sentimental value for alarm systems, safes and briefcases. This will make them more memorable, just try not to make them too obvious. It may be inconvenient to have to do this, but it with improve your security no end.

Now you know what you have to do, make the effort to get your security up to a high standard. As well as protecting your home, they can also protect your livelihood. So don’t tempt burglars in and implement these security boosting techniques as soon as possible.

A Newbies’s Guide To Investing

investment ideasThere is no point in leaving all your cash in your current account. The interest rate will only be fairly low. It is much more advisable to move your money into a better investment that can help it increase. Of course, leave some money in your current account for everyday needs. But all your savings? It’s better off to invest them. If you are a complete novice when it comes to investing, it can be a very daunting prospect as there is a slight risk that you could lose some money. Here is what you need to know before you start.


One of the big things to remember is the importance of diversifying. This helps you reduce the risks of investing. What does diversifying mean? Simply put, it is when you split up your money and invest in different methods. This is a much safer alternative than placing all your cash in just the one investment. Diversifying reduces the risks of investment. Because you are essentially spreading your eggs across different baskets.

Stocks And Shares

One of the most common ways to invest your money is in stocks and shares. This involves buying some stocks and shares of a company that is floating in the stock market. You will be able to buy as many as you like, although some companies have a minimum purchase limit. Before you commit to buying a company’s shares, you need to do your research. If the company is currently doing well, then there is a good chance the value of your shares will increase, leaving you with a profit. However, if the value falls, you could end up out of pocket. If you do your homework, you can make a lot of money over a long period of time!


Instead of investing directly in stocks and shares yourself, you can put your money into mutual funds. This is, basically, where you get a professional to invest your money for you. You transfer the money you want to invest to this financial advisor who then places it into a fund, so he can keep an eye on your money on a daily basis. This is known as a mutual fund, and your advisor is now the fund manager. There are a few different types of funds available. For self managed super fund advice, check online.

Savings Account

One of the safest ways to invest money is to place it in a high-interest savings account. There is no risk involved with a savings account, as the amount of money held in there won’t change depending on the economy. It is an easy way to get more money, though. The more money you have in the account, and the higher rate of interest, means you can get a substantial payment from your bank each month.

So, to be clever with your money, sometimes you have to take a risk and invest. If you do your research, you’ll find the benefits far outweigh any potential risks!

Need Office Space? You May Not Have Considered These Points

business office spaceWhen your business needs office space, you need to consider a lot of things. The decisions you make here are going to affect your finances in the long run. One of the problems here is that you may not know exactly how many things you need to consider here.

The first thing you should do is check your finances. You need to see how much capital you have immediately available. You should work out how much profit you’re looking to make in the next few months. You should review your company’s credit score to assess your suitability for a business loan. All of these things will be integral to the decision you make.

Here are the things you need to think about when you’re deciding to make a move to a new office.

Do you need office space?

Let’s say you’re a startup company and you’re all currently working from home. Obviously, the dream here is to have a nice office space for yourself eventually. Having your own office for your own company is such a thrill. It;s easy to see why people are so eager to get office space. But you need to think about this decision carefully. Do you really need the office space? It can cost quite a bit of money, especially if you’re in urban business areas. It may be smarter for you to continue to use your virtual office setup while you save even more money for your business.

Maybe you’ve already got a company in an office. Why are you considering a new office? If your company has hit a sweet spot of profit recently and you’re just buying a new office to splash cash, think twice. Don’t go making frivolous purchases! You should really only be moving office if there is a specific problem with your new one. If you’re expanding too fast and have employees sharing desks, then it’s time to move.

Where should you get your office space?

It’s not just about the office itself. The location of the office is extremely important to consider. Let’s say you’re looking for office space in prestigious business areas like London and New York City. This is a smart decision, in most aspects. But offices in these areas can have quite a hefty price tag. You should consider what profit you stand to make with this move and weigh that against this cost.

Of course, you may not want to go for a slightly cheaper office in a much less desirable location. You may end up in a lease contract that has you stuck in that office for longer than you’d want. In other words, be careful when it comes to compromise. You don’t want to get yourself stuck in one place and, as a result, missing opportunities for offices in really prestigious places. Added prestige make it much easier to get business going with potential clients!

Should you buy or rent?

With cost in mind, you should also work out if you’re going to buy the space or rent it. On the buying side, it may be much better for you to be the landlord of your office space than some other party. You also won’t fall victim to egregious rental rate increases. Some specialized equipment may require you to own the property, too.

Of course, if you don’t have the available capital, then you’ll have to rent. That, or just keep saving money! Work out what your business can afford and what it deserves. Strike as close a balance of the two as possible.

Give Your Business Those Finishing Touches

ideas to complete your businessWhen you’re trying to create and launch a thriving business, you need to look for an extra edge. There are so many avenues you should be exploiting for new business. You have to add finishing touches to your business that help improve it. These should be things that will set you apart from the competition and help to draw interest to your company. Have a look at these ideas and use them where you can.

Get a Sign

Think about things your business could do with to give it that extra edge. Perhaps things that competitors might not be doing. One of the big things to do is make sure you have signage for the business. You might be surprised by the impact you can have just by getting a sign for the company. Things like A Frame signs, banners and billboards can have a huge impact on the way the company operates. You will give yourself an extra chance of attracting new clients and businesses as much as possible.

Social Media Profiles

When it comes to helping promote and market your company, you need to make sure you do what you can here. There are so many great ways to do this, and none are more powerful than social networking sites. So, to add the finishing touches to your business you need to make sure you have a perfect social media profile. This is the best way of raising brand awareness and attracting people to you. So it’s important to make sure it’s as good as it can possibly be. This will elevate you above competitors, and help you secure important business.

Perfect Your Website

The most important part of your whole business is your website. It might not seem like it, but these days where the internet is so prevalent, your website is crucial. So, it’s important to take the time to make sure your website looks amazing all the time. You could think about getting a web design team involved to help you perfect this as much as possible. Having an amazing website is the best way to stand out and help give your brand that extra edge for your customers.

Get Business Cards

Business cards are a great finishing touch to any business. They allow you to market your brand in another way. Business cards provide a great touch for the company. They are an excellent way of ensuring that you raise brand awareness. You can create and personalise your business cards to make them look exactly the way you want to. They are an excellent and personal way of getting people interested in the business. People are likely to be more responsive to something like a business card than simply an email address.

It’s important to give your business important finishing touches. This is how you help it to stand out and compete with other companies. Finishing touches are vital because they give you that extra edge these days. But, it’s so easy to overlook these and launch a business that’s not at the optimum level. Be sure you take these things into account so you get the best out of your company.